Creative Coding Essentials

One of the first workshops I followed was creative coding essentials. In this workshop the teacher gave an examples of programs we could use for our duo-project. So after a small research of the different programs I chose processing. Processing gives the possibility to create visuals and that was exactly what I needed.

It is also possible to create a matrix screen in processing. Of course there are a lot of other things you can do with processing but this was a fun experience for me.

I used this program with my second project and I must say it is really fun to work with. There are a lot of possibilities with progressing. I learned to program in progressing. for using the Kinect v2. 


Prototyping was a workshop and it is and always will be a part of an project. In this workshop I learned that you don't need a big fancy prototype. Just keep it small and simple. 

In all the projects I used prototyping and I liked it a lot. It also gives you a feeling that you can improve all the time. There is always room for more improvements.  

Creative thinking

Creative thinking is one of the most important workshop of this semester. This workshops changed my view entirely. 

For example before I was a just a software engineer. I just did what was asked for, but now I really think and view things different, thinking outside the box and beyond. The difference between the first and last project is huge in my eyes. The last project was the one with the biggest impact on me. Think further than the idea of the client. Think out of the box. Hats how we came up with the hologram at the client project.

I learned that small things can make a huge difference in life. Some people see it different , but in my eyes a small adjustment can make a huge difference.

This semester changed my view and I hope that we can innovate together to a nicer, greener and friendly future.