Learning outcomes

The man with no imagination has no wings!

- Muhammad Ali

My own vision on future scenarios at the moment are based on todays problems. Meanings are divided in this scenario, as a part of the society thinks it could be harmful for the world. For example that there will be no privacy left, people will become lazy, people will become social media or digital addictive, etc. I agree at some points but at the end every good side has a bad side, the way to win in these situations is to change your own habits and change the mind. So it is a personal issue which can be fixed only by the person his self. So my conclusion about this bad side is that the technology in the future will direct to the mental health of users and encourages the users to a better mental health.


Besides the bad sides of this I do see the benefits of the technology of the future. Let me give a few examples. For instance ordering clothes, ordering clothes will be easier, the right fit will be calculated by a camera which measures your body. This has a huge impact on buy the product right on the first time, which results in customer satisfaction. So returning packages will be less, which results in less costs, less co2 waste, less packaging materials, no hygiene problems, etc. This will have a huge impact for the future.

The second example will be assistants that will become digital and possible to bring your assistant everywhere you go. So if you need your assistant it will pop up like an hologram. Today it is possible to create a pc system which can’t move, but the expectations of tomorrow will be portable on a wearable or something else.

My conclusion is that technology is evolving so fast and has good and bad sides. This doesn’t mean that there is no good in it, we have to embrace new technology and learn from our mistakes if it goes wrong. Personally I’m glad that we live in an era like this and see all kind of technologies. I’m looking forward to the future!

Personal Growth

I’’ve learned a lot this semester and I do think that I made a good progress. The way I came in is different and the way closing this semester is different at the end of this semester. 

For example before I was a just a software engineer. I just did what was asked for, but now I really think and view things different, thinking outside the box and beyond. The difference between the first and last project is huge in my eyes. 

I learned that small things can make a huge difference in life. Some people see it different but in my eyes a small adjustment like ordering clothes with camera measurements could have a huge impact on different aspects.

I do think that there is need for more technology like this. There will be people who disagree and ill understand it, but it is better for us and also better for our planet.

I’m glad for taking part of this semester, it learned me viewing things from another perspective. It also learned me innovate with new tech for example creating an virtual assistent was new for me. An assistant on a screen is incredible, but what if we could take this to another level? For example a interactive hologram assistant. This is just a glimp of a small innovative idea. But there are much more things you can achieve with a hologram. An interactive assistant who can help you in a emergency, navigate if your lost, helps you reminding appointments, reminding taking your daily medicines, etc.

This semester did change my view and I hope that we can innovate together to a nicer, greener and friendly future.

The future is near. 


At last but not least prototyping, in this semester there was a lot of prototyping. In all three projects we made prototypes and every prototype inspired me more and more.

From teaching kids how to kick a ball to ordering clothes online to creating an virtual assistent.

For the individual project I made carton box with a ball on a stick. So i can simulate kicking a ball. This gives the perfect view to the kids and showing them how it could be done has more impact on their progress. 

For the second project i’ve created a drawing of a person in front of a camera. The idea behind this is, that a person could see his self on a screen with the chosen clothes on his body. So the person can see his self with wearing the actual product. The application also needs to measure the body so it can suggest the right size and brand which fits the best.

The last project was a virtual assistant and for this project we thought about a hologram. Without even drawing something we went straight to the workbench and started working. We created a small pyramid for on a phone. The phone shows a image which reflects on the pyramid. This results in a working hologram.